RFID Wallet Review

Technology is moving at a very fast pace. One day something is brand new, the next is old-school. And it applies to every existing domain. There are no exceptions. And people love it that their lives are easier than it used to be. They like to keep up with technology, and they do their due diligence to own everysmart thing there is.

Travelambo Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallet
super minimalist and slim, made from 100% genuine leather
RFID blocking tested and approved by independent lab tests
enhances personal security and offers premium functionality
Alpine Swiss Men’s RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet
genuine leather, tested and apprved in lab
10 card slots, 2 additional oversized slots for cards or receipts, full size bill section
far superior to many alternatives
Bricraft Women RFID-Blocking Trifold Wallet
100% genuine leather, zip closure
rfid wallets for women,feel secure knowing that wherever you are in the world
4 credit card slots,1 zip closure,hold cash, cards and other little things

When it comes to credit cards, they got smarter too. You like going grocery shopping, and instead of swiping it through the card reader you just flip it in front of the machine, don’t you? That is made possible by the RFID technology ( Radio Frequency Identification). Everything about you or your finances is now stored on a small chip inside your credit card. Do you know who else likes this? Credit card thieves.

Someone who is familiar with this field will not have a hard time putting together a fake RFID scanner. Can you imagine how convenient it is to steal money without even touching the credit card? Before the RFID technology made its way into existence, credit card thieves had to work a little bit. The card had actually to be swiped through to get ahold of the information. Now, all they have to do is pass you by, and that’s it. Scary, isn’t it?

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for this type of credit card theft: RFID wallets. They will make sure that no credit card skimmer will ever steal your money without you even knowing it.

What is a RFID wallet?

A RFID wallet is a regular wallet to which a Faraday Cage is applied. If you are not familiar with what a Faraday Cage is, let me put it simply for you. The credit card emits a radio frequency signal to any device in the immediate surrounding. However, if the credit card were to be placed into an enclosure that blocks electric fields, the signal would not get out. That is what a RFID wallet does. It contains a conductive material, or a mesh of such materials, with the purpose of not letting the signal out. Simple, right?

How does it work?

The working mechanism is rather simple. There is an external electrical field which causes electric charges but within the conductive material of the cage. The electrical charge is distributed in a such a way that it cancels the field’s effect within the cage itself.

Faraday’s shield application in wallets works as a protective layer. The manufacturers coat the interior of the purse with the conductive material I was talking about so that nothing goes in and nothing comes out. This is the same system used to protect sensitive electronics from radio frequency interference. Radio transmitters are prevented from interfering with other equipment nearby with the help of a Faraday cage.

The benefits of using a RFID wallet

I suppose I don’t have to explain to you that anything meant to protect you or your belongings is beneficial for you. You can figure that out for yourself. However, it’s good to know why a certain something has a set of features that benefit you greatly.

  • ü Your money is safe – having your money stolen is one of the worst experiences you can possibly go through. It’s even worse when you rely on that money to pay your bills, mortgage or even pay for food. Credit card theft is pretty common, but now that thieves can do it without even touching you or your wallet, you are even more susceptible to losing your money. A simple assessment of Vulnerabilities in First-Generation RFID-enabled Credit Cards clearly states that “the cardholder’s name and often credit card number and expiration are leaked in plaintext to unauthenticated readers.”All that can be achieved with 150$. That is how much it costs to build a fake scanner. That is quite the investment if you ask me.
  • ü Your identity is also safe – wireless identity theft is as common as credit card theft. Unfortunately, people without any regards to others do this kind of stuff without thinking about the consequences. You may wake up one day and find out that you have a criminal record, or that you traveled to a country you have never been before. Or that your credit is not okay for an unknown reason. A RFID wallet can spare you all that trouble.
  • ü High-quality build – RFID blocking wallets are usually made of leather, which makes them sturdy and durable in time. They may be more expensive than regular wallets, but in the log run is an investment. You are going to own a resilient wallet that will also protect your money and identity.
  • ü Ample capacity – in order to feel fully protected you should hold all of your credit cards and identification cards in a single wallet. That is why RFID wallets have many compartments for you to keep everything in one place.
  • ü Lovely designs – when you are not buying a cheap wallet from the corner store and invest in a RFID wallet, you can be sure of the fact that it looks great. It has a lot of compartments without looking too cramped. The stitches will all be in the right place, and the design will be beautiful overall.

Best RFID wallets

There are many offers on the market when it comes to RFID wallets. Manufacturers have outdone themselves trying to create the perfect product, but only a few actually managed to do so. Here are three excellentexamples of high-quality RFID wallets that will not let you down.

Travelambo Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallet

This simple RFID wallet is perfect for all men who are in the habit of wearing suits. I suppose wearing a suit will not be as professional looking if you have a knoll where your front pocket should be. It’s very slim measuring only 3″ x 4.25″ x0.12.” This unusually small size for a wallet makes it perfect to carry in your front or back pocket.

The design is minimalistic so noone can say that this wallet can be used by men only. Women who like a small, simple but efficient RFID wallet can enjoy this model as well as men. The aspect might as well fall under unisex.

The material it’s made of is genuine leather. That means you are going to own this wallet for a long time. However, the leather is not very hard, but rather pleasant to the touch. It’s soft and extremely flexible. It may feel stiff at first because it’s new. You will have some difficulties in extracting the cards from the middle slot of the cards section, but it will soften after a while.

As far as the RFID blocking system goes, the wallet has been tested for a frequency of 13.56 MHz (this the operational frequency of all our credit cards, and identity cards). That means it enjoys all the protection it needs from RFID skimmers. The manufacturer is well aware that you value your personal security, which is why this wallet cannot be electronically scanned if someone simply passes you by. All your information, financial or otherwise, will be safe.

Apart from personal security, the Travelambo RFID wallet also provides an extended space for all your credit cards, identification cards, or any other badges you may hold.

Although it provides excellent protection for most cards, you must know that this wallet cannot protect ALL documentation. For example, hotel key cards, some access cards or ID badges operate at a frequency of 125 MHz, which this wallet cannot block. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Alpine Swiss Men’s RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet

This is a simple but elegant wallet that will enrapture any man who likes to own stylish things. It’s made of real leather and can be found in three colors: black, brown, and gray. As far as size goes, it measures  4.25″ x 3.37″ x 1.”

The RFID blocking system has been tested for 13.56 MHz frequency because that is the frequency credit cards operate. The system is successful in stopping identity and credit card thieves from getting your personal information straight out of your pocket.

The Alpine Swiss wallet is pretty spacious. It has 10 card slots, a full-size bill compartment, and two additional oversized slots for cards, receipts, or whatever else you want to put in your wallet. The design is bifold and has an ID window, which makes it very easy to flip and show.

One common issue with multi slots wallets is that it may be a challenge to remove cards. The material is stiff. But not with this wallet. You can take out any card (right from the edge or from the middle of the slot section) without any difficulties.

This product will last a long time in your pocket. It is sturdy, resilient, and the design is pleasant. The RFID system will block anyone who will try to read your cards so your money and identity will be safe. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Bricraft Women RFID-Blocking Trifold Wallet

Ladies are going to love this. I know I do. I always had a thing for this kind of wallet. They are very spacious, you can put a lot of stuff in it, apart from money and cards. Personally, when I am not in the mood of carrying a purse, I can always put my phone in my wallet.

The design is very appealing. It can easily be used as a clutch. There are multiple colors you can choose from, and the leather is 100% natural. It’s perfect for women because it resembles a small purse.

The Bricraft wallet has also been tested for a 13.56 MHz frequency, and it was successful. No information came out. All your credit cards, identification cards or any other cards will be safe from anyone who will try to steal them.

This product gives you a certain sense of security knowing that all your important information is safe from RFID skimmers. It comes with 14 credit card slots, 1 zip closure, a space for cash and other small things, like a phone for example. Space is large enough to accommodate aniPhone 6.

And let’s not forget about one important aspect that women always take into consideration before purchasing such an accessory. Fashion. This item is extremely fashionable. As I stated above, it can easily pass for a clutch. The bright colors and the fact that it is spacious make this product a viable choice when it comes to purchasing a wallet that is meant to keep all your valuable information uncompromised.

Another thing women value is packaging. The Bricraft wallet is delivered in a gorgeous box, which makes it perfect if you want to give it as a gift. The design, practicality and the safety features make this product a must-have for any woman who values her security.  Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

The fact that I am a woman affects my decision when it comes to the three product I just presented. My choice is the Bricraft wallet, obviously. I like the design, and the RFID features are reliable. For me this product is perfect.However, that doesn’t mean the other two are not as great. If I weren’t such a sucker for bright colors, I might have gone with the Travelambo. As a matter of fact, you can have theTravelambo as a back-up for your everyday wallet. Maybe you are going somewhere in such an attire that you cannot take a big wallet with you. Who knows? Click here to buy on Amazon


There is a definite need for RFID blocking wallets. Thieves are just waiting for you to neglect this aspect so that they can empty your bank accounts. Don’t give them the satisfaction. All the products I reviewed are great, but at the end of the day, any RFID blocking wallet would do. Protect your identity and protect your money. They are two of the most valuable things you have.

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